Rave Reviews!

“I love this book! It's just so simple and it will really help you get your systems in place when preparing for your baby.”
– Pinky McKay, best-selling author and international speaker. http://www.pinkymckay.com 

“A must have for all first time parents. I wish I had this resource before I gave birth to my twins!”
Nicole Bijlsma, Healthy Home Expert and Best Selling Author. www.buildingbiology.com.au

“We all wish babies came with an instruction manual – at least now preparing for their arrival does! This book covers vital information that other pregnancy books simply miss - the practical side of preparing yourself and your home for the arrival of your baby and the changes that come with that. Highly recommended.” 
Dr Jacqui Frowen, Melbourne 

“‘Preparing your home and life for baby’ is a practical and easy-to-read guide that every new parent should have. It takes the stress out of the unknown of having a baby. It's a must have for all expecting parents.”
Bonnie Black, Owner – Little Miss Organised, & expectant mum, Brisbane. www.littlemissorganised.com.au

“I am 25 weeks pregnant and just finished reading Beverley's book. I feel a huge sense of relief! Two weeks ago I went to the baby store but left empty handed and overwhelmed; not knowing where to start, or what was essential versus ‘gimmicky’. Her advice is well-informed and up-to-date, while being empowering and objective, with an understanding that every mum & baby is different. I feel so much clearer and more confident about where to start and I'm ready to return to the stores today with my printed checklists in hand. Thanks Beverley!” 
– Kirsten, Melbourne

“This is our first pregnancy and once we were over the initial elation at finding out we were expecting, we became somewhat overwhelmed and disenchanted with the ‘amount’ of material ‘out there’ around what to think about, how to plan, what to purchase and what costs we should be thinking about, particularly given it all appeared to be somewhat confusing and / or contradictory! It almost seemed like a race to absorb as much as you can and already start making the ‘right’ decisions. So I stopped reading! Then a friend passed on ‘Preparing your home and life for baby’. As soon as I started to glance over and read this book I was immediately at ease. It was clear, concise, with useful and accurate information around various steps of the journey, not just information for the sake of information...bliss!! It covered all the aspects / ‘things’ that needed to be thought about / thought through, with pathways that are suitable to each and every family, not just one ‘prescribed approach’. In my view and being a first time Mum, this book offers a great foundation to work from and go back to. It now sits on our kitchen table (the hub of activity in our household), so it can be picked up, flicked through or contemplated over a cuppa on a Saturday arvo! A truly great and easy read that I’d recommend to any prospective or new mother who is over all the ‘blah blah’. Thanks Beverley!”
– Katie, Melbourne